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“Volumetric Technologies provided much needed expertise and guidance when it came to upgrading my packaging line. From the customized filling machine that accommodated my particular product and my budget, to the overall line integration where challenges were solved with creativity and attention to detail, VTI proved to be a great partner. As my company moves forward, VTI continues to be a valued partner and resource. I would highly recommend VTI’s equipment and expertise.”

Lisa Nicholson
President and Founder, Lisa’s Salsa Company


“Previously we used a 4 head gravity fill system on our plastic polish bottling line. We were always having to adjust for weight differences and cleaning up after over-fill spills. We also had foaming issues on lighter viscosity products. This consumed a lot of extra time and slowed down our production rate. After looking around for an alternative, we decided to purchase a (diving) 6 head, positive displacement, piston-type filling system from Volumetric. We have not only increased our fill rate by 50%, but we have eliminated those pesky problems of uneven fill weights, spillage and also resolved foaming issues with the diving nozzles. Considering all the improvements to our line, we have almost doubled our production rate. “

Best Regards,
Jon Thomas


“I have purchased several fillers and pumps from Volumetric Technologies over several years to fill extremely viscous products with high levels of solids and also very watery sauces. Volumetric Technologies has been able to provide creative solutions that other companies could not solve around dripping and product degradation. Their machines are extremely robust and built to handle the harshest environments, including daily chemical wash downs in a USDA inspected facility. One of the best features of the machines is that they require no tools for disassembly for cleaning or reassembly eliminating the need for tools on the production floor and the components are designed to only go together one way minimizing damaged parts from improper assembly. From a quality and value standpoint, I believe Volumetric Technologies provide you with the best value and most performance compared with any other machine on the market today.”

Jack Goldbach
Sr. Director of Operations


“We have used and been very satisfied with the Volumetric Fillers for over ten years, so much so that we have 5 machines. We use 4 daily and 1 for specialty. The Fillers are reliable and easy to operate, maintain and clean. I would highly recommend a Volumetric Technologies Filler to anyone needing accurate and quick fill rates.”

Chuck Morrissette
Lloyds BBQ Company / Hormel Foods


“The ease of change over and clean up with this machine has decreased down time on our production floor. We are able to fill from 8oz. to 1 gallon sizes on the same machine. Hot fill or ambient temperature ! Reliable and accurate fill on products ranging from Italian dressing to Thick and Chunky Salsa, bottle to bottle, batch to batch!”

Brian Maxine
Vice President
Triple K Mfg. Co., Inc.




“I met Tim and his team at a Process Expo in Chicago and was immediately impressed with his Piston Filler. I had been researching many different options for getting our further processed poultry thigh meat into bags while maintaining a consistent weight. The Volumetric Technologies Piston Filler has not disappointed; it is very simple to install, run, and sanitize. We have picked up 2% on our yield due to how precise the bag weights are and we have reduced our labor by 2 employees. “

Michael Cline
Operations Manager
Edmunds Foods Inc.


“For over 15 years, King’s Food Products has counted on VT fillers to supply dependable, consistent filling for a wide variety of applications. VT fillers are very “user-friendly” – easy to assemble, simple change-over parts, and easy to clean. VT customer service has always been there when we need them. Tim is very knowledgeable, very friendly, and very responsive.”

Stephanie Fahrner
Kings Food Products


“Morey’s have purchased 3 triple head fillers and was involved in recommending a filler for a South American company. We are very pleased, as well as the company in Ecuador, with the performance of the equipment and the support and service that we received from Volumetric Technologies. I would highly recommend Volumetric Technologies fillers.”

Robert Thiede
Morey’s Seafood Int.


“Your fillers are tough as shit…pump products that suck to pump and more accurate than anything out there…Volumetric Technologies was easy going and actually fun to deal with….Will do business with you for years to come.”

Paul Cserpes
Karlsburger Foods Inc


“Volumetric Technologies has been receptive to our needs, they are Innovative, with the latest equipment and processes and are passionate with their work. “I love these guys”.

Peter Nowicki
SuperMom’s Bakery


“As a customer of Volumetric Technologies, we are very pleased with the quality of workmanship that is put into the equipment that Tim and his team deliver. We have come to rely on their input for new ideas and creative solutions to the wide variety of product types we fill at Aveda. Their equipment, performance and customer service are outstanding.”

AVEDA Manufacturing Team


“Volumetric technologies inc. has outstanding equipment at a great price, with unbeatable customer service. Called them in to help with our needs and they exceeded our expectations.”

Craig Johnson
Best Brands Corp


“We purchased the VTI filler to automate one production line and have since found many more applications where the filler has saved labor costs and increased production efficiencies. The filler is a simple but versatile machine that is easy to assemble, clean, and operate. We will continue to use the VTI and add options to further automate our processes.”

Brant R. Bell
Facility & Equipment Maintenance Manager
Stone Gate Foods