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Portable Bench Top Piston Filler Machine


This Bench Top Piston Filler from Volumetric Technologies  is manufactured to the highest quality for Bench Top Portable Filling Equipment available in the industry. It is built to exceed your expectations and provides for a solution for a wide variety of needs. Precision made and built to last, our equipment combines innovative features that users will appreciate. Volumetric Technologies; experienced, agile, and leading the way in filling equipment production:

  • Engineered for accuracy
  • Built for reliability and speed
  • Heavy duty construction in a lightweight portable filler
  • Designed for ease of use


Volumetric Technologies Bench Top Piston Filler / Depositors are ideal for start-up companies, lab applications, bakeries, commissaries and other production environments.

Our Bench Top Fillers are routinely used to fill liquids, gels, fruit fillings, cream fillings, salsas, hummus, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, sauces, soaps, shampoos, personal care products, dips or spreads, essential oils, and many others.

There are numerous dispensing nozzle options to choose from for filling liquids and slurry products, and a host of options for the bakery industry for injecting doughnuts with fillings, applying rosettes or icing decorations onto pies, cakes or cupcakes with our hand held nozzles.


  • Product cyclinders .03oz – 16.9 oz
  • Capillary straight down nozzles
  • Positive closing plug spout nozzles
  • Bevel seat cut off nozzles
  • Inverted cone cut off nozzles
  • Hand held vertical cut off nozzle
  • Hand held Rosette & icing nozzles
  • Hand held Rotary cut off nozzles
  • Injection nozzles for bakery applications
  • Sanitary gooseneck for nozzle height adjustment
  • Rolling stand and height adjustable machine frames available
  • Hopper lid
  • Straight walled hopper
  • Heated hopper options


  • Standard 2.5” product cylinder 16.9 ounce / 500ml max fill
  • Extremely accurate up to +/-1/4 of 1% with homogenous products
  • Extremely gentle on shear-sensitive products
  • Ability to handle products with particulates
  • Completely Tool free design for quick changeover and cleaning
  • Small size for portability – it’s just 45 lbs.
  • Constructed from 316L stainless steel and FDA approved materials
  • Safety guarding
  • Conical 5 gallon hopper
  • Air dump valve for quick set up
  • Single and automatic cycle functions
  • Foot pedal operator
  • Adjustable speed controls
  • Pneumatically operated – no electricity needed
  • Complete wash down service
  • Standard UPS shipping

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